Simple Implementation

Pycube offers configurable packages that can tailor the solution elements and price to be exactly what you need. Deployment and solution actualization can be accomplished in one day with the help of our OnSite Implementation and Training team, with the travel expenses for OnSite work already included in the eZ price. Once we get you up and running, you’ll have complete access to our Remote OnDemand Training team. Users can become proficient with the solution operation in just one day.

Passive RFID

By making the switch to passive RFID, you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing costly tag batteries anymore, meaning no more ghost assets resulting from dead tag batteries and money saved over time. With the concern of ghost tags gone, our RFID handheld scanners can find assets quickly.

Our scanners have both a broad scanning and narrow scanning mode. When you’re looking to pick up multiple assets in one room, broad scanning is your best option. But when looking for a single article, it’s best to utilize the narrow scanning option. It allows you to find one article in a crowded space of similar articles. This function aids in completing inventory in minutes.

0 Infrastructure
at a Low Cost

Pycube’s eZ Series is a 0 infrastructure cloud-based solution, removing the complications of a new system installation. No wiring, cabling, servers, or equipment is required, and it’s compatible with a majority of existing systems. Not only will you save time from the simple implementation, but you’ll also save money with our initial low one-price cost, and low recurring cost per month/year. Our solution is also fully expandable, extendable, and adaptable, giving you the freedom to add more tags, readers, users, and more over time as you grow.

Laundry Loss Prevention

Our Laundry Loss Prevention solution is a low-cost, easy-to-use way to stop accidental loss, saving your team thousands of dollars a year by rescuing telemetry packs before they’re lost or damaged in the laundry cycle as easy as 1 2 3!


  1. The telemetry pack gets mixed up in the sheets and clothing.
  2. Using Pycube’s RFID handheld scanners, scan the carts.
  3. Find the lost telemetry packs and confirm that there aren’t other lost ones.


Our Laundry Loss Prevention solution is easy to use, allowing your team to quickly learn how to operate it, meaning you’ll see almost immediate benefits.

Emergency Medical Services

Pycube’s inventory management solution allows you to quickly scan the ambulance before leaving the station to ensure that all critical items are onboard. How does it work? First, start by using passive RFID tags to quickly tag each item onboard. Next, scan them with our RFID handheld scanner to log each item. Then the next time you’re preparing for a call, grab the handheld scanner and quickly scan the vehicle to ensure it’s properly stocked and ready to hit the road.